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Hiking around…

We are Slovene Dutch retired couple named Sonja and Hans. We opened our small and cosy apartment in 2015 because we like meeting and talking to new people. We communicate in English, Dutch and German.

Half day trips:

You may wish to visit Lake Bohinj which is part of Triglav National Park, from there you can take a gondola to Vogel and experience majestic views of the mountains and the lake below. You can also take a walk around the lake which takes approximately 3 hours and is 12 km long.

Our capital City is Ljubljana which is 50 kilometres away.  It is well worth a visit.  You can take a walk by the river Ljubljanica,  visit the market and do not forget to visit the small boutiques in the old part of town.  You can also take a funicular to the Castle, or take a ride on the river.

In 2016 Ljubljana was named the GREEN CAPITOL OF EUROPE

Day trips:

An hour away is Postojna with world renouned Postojna Caves and  nearby Skocjanske caves which are part of World Heritage UNESCO
Good half hour drive further is the coastal town of Piran where you can  experience Venitian architecture.

Whenever I look at you, you are magnificent
and when I gaze at your peak from nearby
my lips start to tremble, whispering, oh sacred
mountain, oh solemn and mysterious mountain, oh
untamed and maternal mountain, oil
the primal and bold flight toward the sky,
fill of sighs and venerable memories,
oh dreaming mountain, locked within yourself,
bearing myriads of scars.

Edvard Kocbek, Matjaz Kocbek, Translation: 1977, Sonja Kravanja
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